Forks in the Road

Walking this path less traveled brings many unexpected twists and turns. A few of these twists have been difficult, but most have been incredible experiences. I never thought I would see incredible beauty in Uganda, but I did. I thought I would be here for a few years, but that is changing too.

This has been my last week living in Uganda. Saying my goodbyes has been difficult, but I am incredibly thankful that the Lord’s plans continue to be different and far better than mine. My departure has been prompted by a combination of new Restore volunteers, a incredible Ugandan engineer managing the construction and some new opportunities back home.

Sometimes a early departure like mine is the result of tension within the organization, but this is certainly not the case now. As I leave, my respect for Restore’s work and my fellow team members is greater than ever. Restore is truly doing incredible working in Northern Uganda and I am honored to have worked with them.

To those who have prayed for me, encouraged me and supported me: Thank you. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much you mean to me. Please contact me in the coming weeks – I would love to share some of my experiences over lunch!

This experience is difficult to put into words; sometimes the beauty, hurt, chaos, and calm of Africa can not be properly articulated. Hopefully these pictures can speak for me.

(Some of these photos are from awhile ago and I just never posted them)

More progress on the new school!


This guy is excited about his future school 🙂


JB trying out a new look


Fourth of July in Uganda


Turns out that you CAN get a good steak in Uganda. #priorities


Chicken Food! (also – the source of the above steak…)


A promising looking Road to Nowhere


Cows on the Road to Nowhere


The end of The Road to Nowhere


Bread going somewhere





Me and the clouds


Looking North. In the quiet, it is difficult to believe that war lies beyond the horizon.




So. Many. Ants.


So many white ant wings




So many gym spectators. They were leaders from remote villages attending a conference and had never seen a gym before.




Motorcycle rides


Riding the bus got me like ^   #theonlymuzungu




Rafting on the Nile!


I had no idea they were taking a picture, but it worked out well!


Places like this remind me of home 🙂








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