One Month!

Ok people-it is official! I On November 27th I will be leaving the US of A.

A few days later I will show up in Gulu, Uganda to help Love Does with the expansion of the leadership school. I suppose in the US, my title would be project engineer, but I do not think titles are all that important. In Gulu, I will simply be helping some people who are doing great work to have an even bigger impact. If you want more information on Love Does, look us up at  Some people much more talented than I have made some videos which show what is going on – so check them out!

(If you simply wanted to keep up to date with my antics, I would bail now and check back for the next post, which I am sure will have sweet Africa stories. If you want a glimpse into the the mind of Scott, proceed at your our risk 😉 )


This post is difficult for me. It would be easy to write about the the good times, those mountain-top experiences and omit the doubts, the difficulties, the lack of strength I feel. However, I think my story has both highs and lows and there is no sense in telling only half a story.

The challenge is I KNOW this is the path Jesus is leading me down. I am excited to see how he will use me, mature me and bring me to love and trust Him more in Africa. But. At times the costs loom over me and seem unbearable.

This next season will see me leaving me family, friends, career, comfortable home, a town I love and a incredible church family. But, what am I actually losing? Probably control. My current lifestyle is very much under control, and I am sure my life in Africa will be anything but under any sort of control.

I have often thought that living in Northern Michigan, I really do not ‘need’ Jesus in my daily life. There are no real hardships, food and shelter are always certain and my comfortable income assures that I can buy pretty much anything I have need. In short, everything is under control (there it is again – the ‘C’ word…) This is not to say that living a middle-class America life is wrong, but in my case it doesn’t foster much of a daily dependence on the Lord. Such will not be the case in Africa. Financially I will be dependent on the Lord as volunteering does not pay very well. But even more difficult will be learning to trust Him completely with my relationships.

Last year when I began looking for a opportunity to serve abroad, I knew leaving friends, family and my church would be difficult. However, as November 27th approaches, I am realizing just how difficult leaving everyone will be.

I guess I am already finding that this new adventure is well beyond my control.


Maybe the whole ‘Jesus thing’ is not your ‘thing’. If so, I can imagine going to Africa seems ridiculous. People have tried to explain going to Africa as fulfilling my desire for ‘adventure’. I can assure you this is not the case. There is no way I would drop everything and move to Africa for my own agenda. Yes, it will be an adventure. And yes, I bet I will have some sweet stories. But, there are so many ways to find adventure stories which are much more convenient than volunteering in Africa. I have (had…) a career which paid me well enough that I could (and did) travel pretty much wherever I wanted several times a year. If adventure was my only goal, then I should not have volunteered to serve in Gulu.

If you are not following Jesus, I would like you to consider why would I go, unless I really believed He was leading me? Possibly I am delusional, maybe I am running from something, or I could just be crazy. If you know me, hopefully you would agree these are not the case. This leaves only that I actually believe the ‘Jesus stuff’ and think it is worth some sacrifice. Maybe if I think so, Jesus is worth looking into a bit. Think about it.

Anyway… The plane tickets are purchased, my notice of resignation posted, and some people are convinced I might be losing my mind. But, I am excited for this next chapter. I know it will be hard, probably beyond what I can handle, but I know my Savior will continue walking with me. Which is another reminder that I am not yet home.


Oh-if you are interested in supporting my work, I am in need of monthly finances to help with my expenses. Please contact me or visit  It is a donation through Love Does to me so you will get all the tax befits and documentation associated with a donation to a non-profit organization . For questions, please email or call my US number: 1-231-675-5582 (only until the 27th…afterwards it will not work until I return…).

Also, if you want a sweet magnet for your refrigerator magnet with my contact info, let me know! Thanks Annette for the great design work! (If you have graphic design needs, you should definitely give her a shout – )


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